Muka Youth Prints 2018
No Adults Allowed!


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Muka Youth Prints 2018




14 November 1:00-6:00pm

Open Daily: 10am - 4pm

We are very excited that Muka Youth Prints is back at the Ashburton Art Gallery for one day only on the 14th of November from 1:00-6:00pm.

The project is based around the concept that the best way to make young people acquainted with contemporary art is to get real works of art into their hands. Normally, the cost of an artwork is a stumbling block for young people. Art is considered to be something very serious, and often that means very expensive. But Muka offers a solution.

A number of well-known artists from all over the world have been invited to produce a set of small lithographs. The works are 100x200mm in size. They have been brought together in the Muka Youth Prints exhibition from which adults are banned.

Each lithograph in the 40-piece collection is priced at $75 to attract young buyers. Visitors are only allowed to enter the show once, and can buy a maximum of three lithographs.

The work reflects the normal style and concern of the artists. There is no patronising or talking down to children in any way.

The names of well-known artists are covered so the prints are chosen by their appeal. Muka wants young art collectors to look at the work itself, not considering the fame of the artist or potential for financial gain.

The Muka Youth Print project was initially intended as a one off, but it has become an icon. Since the beginnings, about 50,000 original works have been bought by Kiwi kids and teens who have taken the opportunity to start a fine art collection.

Wednesday 14 November, Between 1:00- 6:00pm

For young people only (5-18) Note: Adults are not allowed in the exhibition space.



14 November 1:00-6:00pm

Open Daily: 10am - 4pm

Wednesday: 10am - 7pm


Until March 2019



Tony Bond

Christchurch-based artist Tony Bond has brought some playfulness to our foyer space with his wall installation Croactus comprised of 51 colourful ceramic sculptures.


5 November- 13 February 2019

DavidElliot_The Barrister_main

Snark: A Victorian Odyssey

David Elliot

We welcome the imagination of David Elliot to the Gallery with his exhibition Snark: A Victorian Odyssey which explores the mystery behind his award-winning book Snark. Elliot. This exhibition focuses on the fraud in these stories with a number of illustrations and artifacts on display which seek to shed light on the truth and certainty around what really did happened on the Snark expedition.


27 September - 11 November

MH_Russian Caviar_main

A Celebration

Malcolm Harrison

This wonderful exhibition highlights the life and work of one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed textile artists Malcolm Harrison (1941-2007) showcasing works sourced from the artist’s own personal collection.


20 October - 11 November 2018


Ashburton Sculpture Symposium 2018

For a second time the Gallery has partnered with the Ashburton Sculpture Symposium (formerly the Ashburton Stone Sculpture Symposium) to support this special event which brings eleven sculptors from across New Zealand and from overseas to Ashburton.