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Ashburton Art Gallery

327 West St

Ashburton | 7700

P | 03 308 1133

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Gallery Hours

Open Daily: 10am - 4pm

Wednesday: 10am - 7pm

Closed Good Friday, Anzac Morning and Christmas day


Exhibition Opening | Gaylene Barnes

1 August 2021 | 2pm

Gaylene Barnes is a farmer and a filmmaker. In her solo exhibition Durations, she pairs these backgrounds to observe creatures, insects, and plants. The observations examine how creatures, flora, and fauna live their days and nights in the wilds and on farms. Observations of the natural world spread from Heathcote to Mount Hutt, and throughout the wider Canterbury plains.

The non-narrative, contemplative style of these filmed observations have meditative and reflective qualities. No perspective is injected into the exhibition, nor is a story imposed upon the viewer. Rather, the narrative follows natural life to the rhythm of day in and day out.

Durations is a celebration and examination of Canterbury’s biodiversity. The exhibition is an account of the worldly, sensory, all-encompassing framework in which we are all connected.

The artist will join us at the Gallery for an artist talk during the opening, in which she will discuss her practise and techniques.  This will be followed by afternoon. All are welcome to attend this event.

1 August 2021 | 2pm