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A History of the CSA in print a New History for CoCA underway

February 17, 2016

It has been an exciting time in the gallery sector with CoCA, The Centre of Contemporary Art formerly known as the CSA, Canterbury Society of Arts re-opened last weekend after being closed for five years. They may have had a shaky opening weekend but it is great to see the Christchurch Gallery back in action after such a long period.

At the Ashburton Art Gallery we currently have a number of limited edition signed copies of the book CSA: The Radical, the Reactionary and the Canterbury Society of Arts 1880-1996 for sale at the Ashburton Art Gallery Shop. This books written by Warren Feeney a former director of CoCA reveals the fascinating story behind the CSA and its comprehensive history.  It includes a range of quality archive photographs and reproductions.

The Canterbury Society of Arts (CSA) was established in 1880 and went on to have a huge influence and contribution to arts in Canterbury and New Zealand as a whole; supporting Canterbury artists and bringing together artists, viewers and collectors.

Art societies are often thought to have been conservative and reactionary, yet this book reveals the CSA as a lively, supportive group that included rather than excluded younger, more radical artists.

This is a rewarding read for anyone interested in gaining further insight into the history of New Zealand’s art world and leads readers to question what part the CSA/CoCA gallery will have to play in the cultural life of post-earthquake Canterbury.


Emily Carter

Front of House Coordinator