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Chantilly for the Bored

May 25, 2019

It is lovely to sit back and review some of the things we get sent from visitors.  This is the work of Raina Kingsley who visited earlier this year with a group of ladies from the Airing Cupboard.  She took inspiration from David Elliot’s exhibition –  Snark: A Victorian Odyssey.

Snark: A Victorian Odyssey



Chantilly for the Bored


When I’m at home

I work all day

construct my world



just sitting and

waiting on a ship

does not fit me

as it oughta


I can not sleep or

even rest I don’t

know what to do


and so I

gnaw a bit of rigging

I chew a bit of deck

below I munch a ladder and

in crew quarters

I’m checked


Hey, stop that

naughty creature!

the people frown and

huddle all hush hush and

tsk tsk at me their words

are all a muddle


in front of me they place

a pillow but it’s not to

rest my head on

they know that

I like patterns but this is

new and unfamiliar


next come the little bobbins and

the shiny thread to weave

make lace and leave our

ship alone if only you

would please


I toss those bobbins back

and forth making lace

before you know it and

I’m happy in my crafting

no more chewing on the bo at




The people sigh relief

and the ship remains intact

while I beaver beaver beaver

through the journey

out the back




Raina Kingsley

2 February 2019