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Their Name Liveth




until 3 September 2016

Open Daily: 10am - 4pm

The Gallery has been working with the Ashburton District Family History Group to present this project ‘Their Name Liveth’ which compiles a list of names which represent our districts involvement in the World War One. The list of names currently sits at 490 soldiers, however it is a living and working document and we encourage visitors to share and contribute to its growth and detail.

Alongside the list of names are the stories of WW100 servicemen and women which are on display for visitors to read. The stories include those of the Sutton family, Peter Pendergast, Louis De Villiers and nurse Mona Harrison. There is also the opportunity for visitors to contribute to this project by making paper poppies which are displayed alongside the name.

To mark the closing of this project the Gallery will be hosting an insightful talk ‘Billy the Birdman’ by Kevin Soster on the 3rd of September. The talk will look at the military career and life of William Leefe Robinson. Leffe (or Billy the Birdman as he was known by close family and friends) was the first British pilot to shoot down a German airship during the First World War on the 3rd of September 1916. One year after this significant event we will be hosting this talk to honorary Leefe’s memory. Soster has family ties to Leffe and in May this year visited Leefe’s grave in Harrow Weald and viewed his Victoria Cross on display at the Imperial War Museum in London. The talk will take place at 11am. All are welcome to attend.  



until 3 September 2016

Open Daily: 10am - 4pm

Wednesday: 10am - 7pm


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