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‘Love Me Tender’ in need of some love

March 27, 2015

In late March we watched the weather forecast intently for a string of fine days in a row as the time had come to give some love and care to a sculpture permanently on display in the Gallery’s collection. Llew Summers work ‘Love Me Tender’ which has been nestled in Baring Square East for the last 17 years has become a bit neglected and worn. This sculpture was in need of a new lick of paint and to be returned to its former glory. A bit of prep work was in order before the painting could begin. First a special paint/stain of Llew’s signature slate colour was mixed up and purchased from Watyls paint suppliers in Christchurch. Then it was time for a good clean up ready for painting, with water blaster in hand Simone was eager to take on this job and gave the work a good blast. Next came the painting with 80% of painting being the prep work, the edge of the sculpture was masked around and the concrete base covered with a plastic drop cloth before a single brush stroke was made. Once the prep was done it was time for the fun to begin and to starting painting. The end result was quite something with the new glossy finish now turning heads. The work will no longer be over looked a job well done.